An Interview with Snowbird General Manager Dave Fields


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An Interview with Snowbird General Manager Dave Fields

Added: Nov 13, 2019
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An Interview with Snowbird General Manager Dave Fields

Canyon Blog: Congratulations on the ascension to Snowbird’s loftiest position. When did that happen?
Dave Fields: Thank you. It’s been two years now.

CB: I’m not exactly Mister Current Affairs. Tell us a little about yourself.
DF: Well, I’m married with two teens and grew up in the canyon, living in the Rustler Lodge actually. My dad worked in Alta for 30 years. I studied journalism at the U and initially worked in Park City. Then I got hired by Snowbird in 2000 as assistant public relations director.

CB: Did you know you wanted to stay here or aspire to this job?
DF: Not for the first few years but I did know I wanted to be here long-term. For me it just fit, the people, the place and the job assignments. My journalist background and writing skills proved really beneficial, especially working with Dick Bass, who was very detail oriented. I did think to myself, “I’d like to do that job someday.”

CB: So, what’s new for the 2019/2020 season?
DF: People will be able to see the co-generation powerplant we’re installing adjacent to the Cliff Lodge. That’s going to allow us to reduce pollutants, what we view as the single largest impact to the canyon, and will come online next year. In fact, the six megawatts we’ll produce from natural gas will allow us to run the entire resort’s operations. We’re also excited about UDOT’s transit environmental impact study and feel that the canyon will take a huge step forward and get a good idea of solutions for traffic this coming year.

CB: Powerful. What do you see in the more distant future, for yourself and Snowbird?
DF: Well, we’ll remain a family owned (Canyon Blog note: Snowbird is owned by the Cumming and Bass families) resort and their commitment to this place is incredible. The families are very connected and that allows us to make confident decisions that stay true to Snowbird’s roots and Little Cottonwood Canyon. What resonates for me, as someone who grew up in the canyon since age five, is that my connection is much deeper than the job description or a single season. My role, along with the 1950 other employees, is to be a steward of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

CB: That is a very cool purpose. One thing though, when I interviewed Mike Maughan (Alta’s General Manager) last year, we actually hopped on a lift and skied. Dropping that for the moment, thanks for your time and commitment.
DF: My pleasure. And drop by anytime, we’ll hop on a lift, make some turns, and continue the discussion. It’s my job.

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