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Added: Sep 01, 2019
Category: Local Flavor


It’s that time of year here in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird’s tribute to beer and all things German has begun in earnest now that Oktoberfest is in full swing. Every weekend from noon to 6 PM through October 20th you can unpack your lederhosen and dirndl and pull last year’s steins off the shelf. With a quick dusting and a wash, you’re ready

Snowbird’s fest differs from the original in Munich which extends only two and a half weeks from late September through the first October weekend, whereas ours covers ten full weekends of Deutsch tradition fused with Utah mountains. As always, Canyon Blog recommends attendance later in the schedule in the actual month of October. If you can pick a cool day or even snow, you’ll lose the crowds but retain the atmosphere.

With Snowbird’s activities in full swing there’s plenty to do in addition to traditional singing, brats and swilling of beer. The mountain coaster, Wrecktangle, alpine slide, bungee trampolines,  and inflatables along with a host of other distractions are available for kids and grownups both. If you’re packing even smaller kinder up canyon there’s Snowbird childcare available so you can swing that stein with confidence in the beerhall.

Summer came late this year and the wildflowers are still receiving visitors in the form of bees and hummingbirds across the upper slopes. You’ll also find the mountain butterflies, both golden and white in almost any wind conditions. These hearty migrators can manage 20 knots or more and still flit from flower to flower on every peak in the canyon. Catch the tram or Peruvian chair for a visit to lesser traveled trails into Mineral Basin. And if you’ve never walked the tunnel in summer, now’s the time. The history of silver mining throughout the canyon, Native American culture, Snowbird resort and even World War II are on display and the coolness offers a retreat when it’s too warm outside or shelter from late summer rains or early fall snows, all at 600 feet underneath Gorilla Pass.

Canyon Services is offering a number of our properties in the Village at Sugarplum and across the Alta, Snowbird vacation and holiday rentals. Now’s the time to take that break from the east or west coast and treat yourself to the altitude and attitude that makes up our unique alpine community. And if it’s truly a break from everyone you need, leave the kids at home, fly in, catch the Salt Lake City to Alta or Snowbird shuttle (who needs a rental car up here??) and breathe in the air, feel the cool, walk a trail and hoist a stein. Because all too soon it’s going to be time to put the shorts away and pull the boards out. Till then, Tschüss!

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