60 Feet and Fathers' Day


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60 Feet and Fathers' Day

Added: Jun 11, 2019
Category: Local Flavor

60 Feet and Father’s Day

Canyon blog was skinning upslope below Baldy on a pleasant morning enjoying the remnants of our 700+ inch year when father and son ski team Greg and Luke Steele slid past having just come out of the main Baldy chute and dropping onto the apron. Both parties stopped to exchange hellos.

You don’t see an abundance of kids doing AT skiing and chutes with dad, so your correspondent reached into his investigative journalist tool bag to interrogate the teen.

Canyon Blog: “Is this your only sport?”

Luke (age 14): “No. I like road biking.”

CB: “That’s not a real sport, but let’s move past that. And surely you recognize skiing is a better way to spend the day.”

Nodding assent.

CB: “So what do you like about skiing that makes it better than biking?”

Luke: “I like skiing better than biking because you have to wait for it. You can’t just go whenever you want.”

Except for this year apparently. Even with Alta closed and Snowbird running only the tram Friday through Sunday till they decide it’s enough, for those willing to deal with changing conditions by the hour the season has weeks left. Weeks I say. And there’s still touring up here as well.

But back to our father son duo.

Nothing could be cooler going into this Father’s Day than to see a father and son enjoying not just the greatest ski area in the world but each other’s company.

Happy Father’s Day from Canyon Blog to all you dads out there.

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