Father and Son Outing


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Father and Son Outing

Added: Apr 04, 2018
Category: Local Flavor

Father and Son Outing

With spring skiing comes the opportunity for bonding outside the normal family work/school routine drag. This week your correspondent chanced upon a pleasant duo in the form of Larry and his son Jack, enjoying a stay in a Canyon Services property and taking advantage of the full spectrum of spring terrain and sunshine.

Larry is a literary agent from the Big Apple and wanted fifteen-year-old Jack to experience the best mountain resort skiing in the country, so naturally they wound up in Little Cottonwood Canyon with direct ski access to Snowbird and Alta. Canyon Blog agreed to join in and guide across the slopes.

Trapped on the chairlift, your correspondent revealed his dark truth, the captive interview for entry into this space.

Canyon Blog: “What have you enjoyed most about skiing Utah for the first time?”

Larry: “The beauty and the steep terrain. We just don’t get vertical like this back home.”

CB: “Snowbird or Alta?”

Larry: “I like Alta’s terrain for its versatility but the Snowbird slopes are world class steep. I’d add that lunch with the views from Hidden Peak and the food are worth coming for regardless of your ski level.”

CB: “Jack?”

Jack: “I love pushing my limits and Regulator Johnson was the perfect first run. At Alta it’s Extrovert.”

CB: “How’s it compare to east coast skiing?”

Jack: “There’s no comparison. I was really surprised by no waiting in lift lines especially considering how much better the skiing is. We never had to wait more than a couple minutes at either resort, but mostly not at all.”

CB: “Last question before we get off the lift. Who’s the coolest skier between the two of you?”

Jack: “Dad, definitely. But only for another couple years.”

That was an exceptionally cool response for a teenager. The last your correspondent saw of the two New Yorkers, they were cramming in last minute runs at Alta before sprinting to the airport to catch an afternoon flight.

For the rest of you, the snow remains plentiful and the lift lines have dropped to nil. Alta’s open every day until the 15th and Snowbird should be running all lifts until the end of the month. Book a quick trip with Wendee or Meagan at our toll-free number or book online and capture the warmth of the late day’s rays, the spring festivities, and the occasional cool New York teenager.

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