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Woo Hoo!

Added: Dec 03, 2019
Category: Local Flavor

Woo Hoo!

Your loyal blogger made his first formal assessment of the season’s potential by investigating Alta on the morning of December 2nd. First the vital statistics. No crowds. Plenty of groomers. Supreme isn’t open yet and many of the steeper routes like High Rustler and Ballroom are closed. Many other slopes are still on the receiving end Alta Ski Patrol bombs. Nothing says winter quite like a hand tossed explosion at 25,000 feet per second. Except perhaps the Howitzers…

Canyon Services is open for business and our luxurious homes in the Village of Sugarplum as well as other condos are ready. There are early season offers across multiple properties and the SLC to Alta and Snowbird shuttles can whisk you up slope in no time. Reach out to our professional reservations team for details.

Back to the mountain. The sun was shining, and the continued cold temperatures have ensured the snow remains soft. Canyon Blog managed to capture some first powder tracks off EBT return into Devil’s Way even after the opening weekend revelers had departed. The line wasn’t long, but it was blower pow.

Hopping off Sugarloaf lift, your correspondent was stunned, perhaps overwhelmed is a more appropriate word, by more idle Alta Ski School Instructors than he’d ever seen in one spot. Clearly they’re in need of clients. It was like Swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, or maybe just the usual winter critters of Little Cottonwood Canyon, for who knows where these stalwart providers of skiing insight alight to for the summer. Canyon Blog doesn’t. Maybe they hibernate. No matter, bring the kids, or a friend who’s never skied, and rent one of our Alta or Snowbird townhomes before the masses arrive. And let’s keep those ski instructors busy, because clearly, left to their own devices who know what trouble they could cause on the slopes.

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