Oktoberfest (In October!)


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Oktoberfest (In October!)

Added: Oct 14, 2018
Category: Local Flavor

Oktoberfest (In October!)

In Little Cottonwood residents often refer to Snowbird’s tribute to beer and German cuisine as Augustfest, given that the festival begins in mid-summer (Aug 18th) and occupies every weekend from noon to 6 PM through October 21st. This differs from the original in Munich which extends only two and a half weeks from late September through the first October weekend. One of the secrets unshared (but now revealed here as a worldwide release) is that the best weekends at Snowbird’s festival are those that take place in the actual month of October. If you can pick a cool day or even snow, you’ll lose the crowds but retain the atmosphere.

Like most writers, your correspondent prefers isolation to the masses, and rarely wanders the booths, however, to prove his October weekend theory he dragged Mrs. Canyon Blog, herself a pretend extrovert, downslope for a brat, beer and Bavarian yodel. There’s something about a beerhall tent and strangers joined together at communal tables hoisting beers to the sounds of traditional Bavarian music. It brings out the best of social humanity, lubricated as it is by the finest local breweries.

The very talented Salzburger Echo, a Snowbird staple for many years (www.salzburgerecho.com), were on stage incorporating audience members (both willing and unwilling) into their music as a few traditionally garbed couples in lederhosen and dirndl twirled for the crowd in front of the stage. Canyon Blog got caught up in the stream of goodwill and was singing along, in no way influenced by his second stein. Mrs. Canyon Blog, a stalwart of the introvert standard, managed to maintain her composure.

There’s another weekend to be had at the Bird before ski season opens (November 30th for Snowbird and 23rd for Alta) so come up and enjoy the smaller crowd size and cold temps. If you see a tall blonde in one corner of the beerhall nursing a stein it’s probably Mrs. Blog. Please don’t approach her; like most animals in the wild, she’s easily spooked. Until his skis are under foot, this is Canyon Blog signing off for the summer. Tschüss!

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