Alta's Open


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Alta's Open

Added: Jul 15, 2018
Category: Outdoors

Alta’s Open

Mooses, music and Flowers

As previously noted in this space, Alta is running Sunnyside lift Saturdays, Sundays and holidays through September 3rd. On Saturdays music is on the patio at the Albion Grill and where parking is always free. Canyon Blog stepped into the scene to sample the music, capture a few photos of wildlife and flora and grab a beer. The weather was cooperative. For your correspondent that equates to some drizzle to keep the crowds and dust down on the trail.

After hopping on the chairlift to experience a leisurely ascent (the only time this skier will ever not complain about slow chair speeds), the walk down in the cool air added to the splendor. Here are a few shots of the flowers in Albion along Home Run run and the footrail leading to Cecret Lake. From the chair Mrs. Canyon Blog captured a shot of three moose munching on lower Crooked Mile run; as always completely indifferent to the presence of humans. Diligent reporter, she also managed to capture the best shots in flat light for your enjoyment.

Meanwhile, back at the “ranch” (Albion Grill), Seth Brown music was warming up inside for their set to avoid the mist outdoors. Comprised of (shockingly) local musician Seth Brown from Salt Lake and his friend Josh Malyon from exotic Orem, the duo performed acoustic numbers to the foot tapping crowd.

Peak flower blooms are yet another two weeks away and Canyon Services has premier homes available at bargain off-season rates. Come up and take in the Yellows, blues, purples and reds and grab a bite to the sounds at Albion Grill every Saturday 3-6 PM.

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