Photo of Utah snow on the Wasatch Mountains

Utah’s reputation for having the “Greatest Snow On Earth” is possibly one of the most outstanding examples of how marketing and science can shape the way people think of a place. It’s no secret that the Utah snow is some of the best on the planet, but some may be asking themselves, “How is it possible?” Parts of the Wasatch Mountains accumulate more snow than anywhere else in North America, but not all the ski areas are the same. While places like Alta-Snowbird get more snow than anywhere else in Utah, some, like Deer Valley, have only modest snow totals than other sites in the United States. Furthermore, snow conditions can vary significantly throughout peak season, which is why it’s crucial to keep an eye on the snow reports.

Ski Resorts with the Most Utah Snow

The old story is that winter storms would release most of their moisture above the Sierra Nevada mountain range as they moved east, leaving behind only the driest, most fluffy snow for Utah. Since then, there has been more scientific evidence about why Utah snow tends to be so excellent for skiing and other winter sports. We know that at least part of the reason why Utah snow seems so marvelous is that many ski lodges are on north-facing mountains, thereby preserving the highly sought winter dust.

Alta Ski Area

Thanks to the word-of-mouth from various ski bums, Alta has become nearly synonymous with Utah snow. There aren’t many advertisements for Alta because it simply isn’t necessary. For decades people from Salt Lake City, Utah, and abroad have known of this wintertime gem that averages nearly 520 inches of snow annually. Just over one percent of the winter months bring less than 30 inches, but almost half of them carry more than 90!

Snowbird Ski Area

It makes sense that Alta’s neighbors in Snowbird would enjoy all of the perks associated with being embedded within the Wasatch Mountains. Although Alta does receive more snow, the amount is reasonably marginal to even the most discerning skiers. Snowbird’s peak elevation is actually higher than Alta’s, meaning more powder. However, Snowbird’s base area is much smaller, leading to lower slopes that are more susceptible to melting when spring comes along.

Vacation Rentals in Utah: Your Basecamp for Adventure

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