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Rock Climbing in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon

Take your rock climbing adventures to new heights in Little Cottonwood Canyon, just outside Salt Lake City. Book your stay with Canyon Services and access fantastic rock climbing in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon. Climb on your own, or enlist the help of a local guide at Utah Mountain Adventures. With climbs ranging from beginner to expert, there is a route for every skill level in the canyon: Climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon Little Cottonwood Canyon offers fine-grained white granite for traditional climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering. Find recommendations on Where to Climb near Salt Lake City on the Visit Utah [...]

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Happenings at Snowbird

Well, the chairs may have stopped spinning, but the season isn’t over. Though to be fair, your correspondent is one of only a handful of holdouts still making turns. To that end, here are a few shots from his daily boot pack up Dalton’s Draw. The remnants of the season are not the topic of this month’s installment, however. Canyon Blog stopped by to chat with Dave Fields, Snowbird general manager, to get the latest on the mountain since it’s clear they have plans. First is the replacement for the Mid Gad restaurant. “We’re really excited about the new dining [...]

Discover Utah Fishing near Alta Snowbird

With more than 1,000 fishable lakes and numerous fishing streams, there are endless places to enjoy Utah fishing. Stay with Canyon Services and enjoy an afternoon of fishing near your Alta Snowbird vacation rental. Pack your fishing gear, head into Little Cottonwood Canyon, and enjoy fishing at secluded alpine lakes. Or make your way to the blue-ribbon waters of the Provo River with a local guide and cast your line for brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. Read on to learn more about fishing during your Alta Snowbird vacation: What to Know Before You Go Fishing in Utah is available year-round, [...]


Surfin’ the Wave at Snowbird

One of the great things about spring skiing in Little Cottonwood is the light, smells, and space that pervades the senses. Because the temps are up, even though the snow is still flying, people find creative ways to enjoy the mountain. The typical example are the snakes that appear at Alta and Snowbird, usually in Ballroom and Shireen (just off the Road to Provo cat track). However, your correspondent’s favorite playground terrain is the ridge that separates Shireen from Mark Malu Fork where the exhibitionists of spring tend to gather to demonstrate their aerial skills and basically have a great [...]

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Your correspondent pens this piece in the aftermath of a top ten ski day here in Little Cottonwood. After a foot of fresh on top of seven more feet of fresh on top of a mountain with no people, January 17th proved to be one of those days where despite how hungry you are you don’t dare stop to eat. Late morning when our valiant ski patrol dropped the rope for Catherine’s it was time to start making laps. Ten laps as it turns out. This is where Canyon Blog would normally insert a few great photos to induce jealousy [...]

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Hidden Peak’s hidden purpose

Riding the tram at Snowbird and pouring out onto the summit with your skis in hand and powder turns in mind it’s easy to miss just what’s around us. When you next step through those new doors take a moment and look up before you clear the gates. There, between the tram wheels you’ll see a number of instruments and antennae on top on the west side. To help make sense of some of those items Canyon Blog tracked down Dr. Maria Garcia from the University of Utah’s Atmospherics Sciences Dept. Turns out that there’s some serious science goin’ on [...]

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Friends in High Places

Sometimes, when you’re out on the slopes of these mountains, you find yourself in the presence of the true locals, who own them and make their living here. If your mind drifts to Alta or Snowbird lifties or your favorite tram operator you’re off point. Last week, while scrambling up the scree by Shreen run (think Road to Provo if you can’t place it) to police up a few errant ski patrol bamboo poles, Canyon Blog almost literally bumped into one of his favorite locals on the mountain. Porcupine of course. Always retiring, never in a rush, and usually enjoying [...]

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Where to See Utah Fall Colors near Alta Snowbird

As the days get shorter and the air gains that familiar crispness, there is no better time to plan a fall getaway in Utah! Make your way to Alta Snowbird and experience the magic of Utah fall colors before a blanket of snow covers our mountain towns. Canyon Services offers the perfect basecamp for fall adventures like hiking, biking, tram rides, festivals, and scenic drives. Join us for a seasonal escape to Utah’s vibrant landscapes and fall in love with Alta Snowbird! When to See Utah Fall Colors Utah fall colors begin at the highest elevations in mid-September and usually [...]

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Snowbird Guides – They’re not just for winter

You’re probably unaware that Snowbird Guides exist. It’s an easy mistake since they’re relatively unknown. And yet, and yet, they hide in plain sight. If you’ve skied the Bird in the past decade you’ve no doubt walked right past their office, which would best be described as located in the most central real estate at Snowbird Center. To correct this oversight, Canyon Blog sat down with Eliza Allen, Snowbird’s Mountain Guides Director, to figure out just why it is that no one knows about the great services they provide. Turns out, it’s a bit mysterious for the ten-year veteran of [...]

How to Recreate Responsibly This Summer

Utah is home to a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes, from snowcapped mountains to lush meadows and tranquil lakes. We love sharing our state’s natural beauty and ask that all visitors recreate responsibly to help us preserve these spaces for generations to come! Stay with Canyon Services and help us reduce the impacts of tourism in Little Cottonwood Canyon by staying on trails, respecting wildlife, and leaving no trace of your travels! Plan Ahead and Prepare Planning ahead for your adventures in Little Cottonwood Canyon is a great way to ensure you recreate responsibly. Set goals for your trip and take [...]

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