Photo of mountains and Albion basin wildflowers

During the summer, the mountains surrounding the Snowbird and Alta ski resorts transform from snowy slopes to a colorful sea of wildflowers. Every July and August, Little Cottonwood Canyon comes alive with vibrant wildflowers blossoming as far as the eye can see. And adventurers come from all over to witness the breathtaking display of Albion Basin wildflowers for themselves. At Canyon Services, we have created a helpful Wildflower Hiking Guide to help you navigate the local trails. Today we are going in-depth on the Albion Basin hike and the annual Wasatch Wildflower Festival.

Albion Basin Wildflower Hike

The Albion Basin wildflower hike is the ideal trail for all ages and skill levels. The best way to access the trailhead is to drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon until you reach the parking lot near Albion Basin Campground. You can access the Albion Meadows trail or drive through the basin instead. We recommend visiting the Albion Basin wildflowers between July and August for the best viewing opportunities.

What Can I See in Albion Basin?

Wondering what you can see in Utah’s Albion Basin? Well vibrant wildflowers, of course! The high elevation meadows are home to over 120 species of wildflowers, including paintbrush, columbine, lupine, Jacob’s ladder, and penstemons. Refer to the Albion Basin wildflower checklist to view the complete list of plants and wildflowers that grow here. The summer months also offer fantastic wildlife viewing in the Basin with populations of marmots, squirrels, moose, mountain goats, and mule deer. 

Wasatch Wildflower Festival

The Wasatch Wildflower Festival is an annual event hosted by the ski resorts in Cottonwood Canyon. This free event celebrates the beauty and diversity of the Albion Basin wildflowers. The festival will be held at Snowbird Resort and Alta Ski Resort in the middle of July. You can expect events like wildflower walks, kids’ crafts, live music, and food vendors at the festival.

Even though this is a free event, you must register for the Wasatch Wildflower Festival beforehand. When you sign up, you will have the option to choose the difficulty and walk style for the festival. If you are visiting with your family, a kids’ walk is available specifically designed for our youngest visitors. You also have the option to walk on your own or with a naturalist guide. This Utah wildflower festival is the perfect place to learn about our beautiful natural environment with the entire family. 

Discover the Natural Beauty of Utah this Summer

Plan your Utah vacation during the Wasatch Wildflower Festival and see the Albion Basin wildflowers for yourself! Even if you don’t make it to the festival, you are invited to visit the vibrant flowers on your own throughout the summer. Our vacation rentals with Canyon Services offer easy access to the festival by being centrally located to Alta and Snowbird. Browse all of our Alta Snowbird condo rentals and witness the spectacular wildflowers just minutes from your rental!