It’s a new world in Little Cottonwood and Snowbird has thrown open the gates for a return to everyone’s favorite canyon. The rides are running and activities free to capture the attention (and expend the energy) of the little ones from panning for gemstones to the ropes course. For the tiniest climbers there’s the very popular mini ropes course or spider mountain and the inflatable multi story slide.

As you can see in the family ropes photo, sometimes even having big brother go first isn’t enough to get a sibling off the starting perch on the regular course. Never fear though, grandpa in the yellow shirt got this one moving, and all was well by the end. The final score was newfound confidence 1; fear zero.

Both the alpine slide and mountain coaster allow for the family to zip through the cool canyon air together. The ride to the top of the coaster for two is nearly as fun as the “no brakes” approach to racing to the finish with a mixed forest of aspen and pine framing the route. Hopeless romantic that he is, your correspondent usually leverages this opportunity to ambush kiss Mrs. Blog, but only averages about a 50% success rate because she prefers to kick his butt in her own racing coaster.

And remember, Snowbird’s newly revamped dining experience at 71 means after you’ve worn the offspring out (and no doubt yourself) there’s no need to cook dinner. However, with General Grits groceries on site, you always have the option of returning to one of our fully equipped kitchens with a full larder and uncorking a bottle on your own porch if privacy and quiet are what’s called for after a long day.

That’s because with our outstanding properties and location one night is never enough and in the morning there’s the tram and Peruvian chairlift (closed at the moment but opening mid-July) with hiking to bring the little nippers’ energy levels back in line with the adults. So, be sure to buy that second bottle of vintage…