It’s time again for your faithful correspondent Canyon Blog to reveal his secret identity as New York Times bestselling author Dan Schilling. My new book is in stores now and I hope you’ll take a look. The Power of Awareness is a guide on how to avoid becoming the victim of crime as you travel across town or the globe. So read on and enjoy!

A spy is suddenly aware she’s being stalked through the streets of an exotic city. A special ops soldier intuitively recognizes something’s “off” during a high-risk mission. In these life-threatening situations experts know exactly how to use their senses and what actions to take. Now, through the Power of Awareness, you will too.

The Power of Awareness

In his empowering book, Dan Schilling shares how to identify and avoid threats using situational awareness and intuition just like the pros. Told with wit and wisdom, this compelling thriller-like guide uses harrowing stories from Dan’s special operations career and those of other experts to outline six easily implemented rules you can apply anywhere to improve your personal safety.

He incorporates exercises to understand how situational awareness works in real life, how to better listen to your intuition, and when confronted by a criminal how to make a plan and take action with confidence—so you can escape the threat before it’s too late.



To do so, Schilling builds upon 6 core tenants to empower readers:

1) Be Situationally Aware
2) Trust and Use Your Intuition
3) Determine If You Have a Problem
4) Develop a Plan
5) Act Decisively
6) The Two R’s—Regroup & Recover

This innovative and original approach makes his tools and rules accessible and applicable for all readers, in a wide variety of situations.

He also includes tools on how to secure your home or hotel room, use public transportation, plan international travel, and reduce your criminal target appeal and exposure in addition to how to escape an active shooter situation. As a bonus, you’ll even learn how to survive a date without getting murdered.

By the last page you’ll know that your own Power of Awareness can save your life.

About the Author

In his 30 years in special operations Dan Schilling conducted combat and clandestine missions around the world, founded and then commanded two special operations squadrons—the second one of America’s most clandestine special mission units—and worked alongside the CIA, FBI, and NSA to defeat terrorists as well as biological and nuclear weapon proliferation. An adrenaline enthusiast, Dan is a professional demonstration skydiver, holds the Guinness World Record for most BASE jumps in twenty-four hours, and is a mountain speed wing pilot. His last book, Alone at Dawn was a New York Times and Amazon #1 international bestseller and is soon to be a major motion picture.

Dan is now committed to helping individuals and organizations become more safety conscious through his book, consulting, and is in the process of converting The Power of Awareness into in person and online instructional platforms. He can be reached at