Photo of snow capped mountains during a Utah winter

Making the most of winter is a lifestyle for those of us residing in the Wasatch Mountains. As autumn wanders out the door like the last guest at Thanksgiving dinner, the temperatures fall, the snow piles up, and the Alta-Snowbird ski area will be rife with slopeside patrons. But don’t let the prospect of waist-high powder discourage you from enjoying a Utah winter getaway. There’s something to be said about the sound of boots crunching on a new layer of snow or being the first person to glide down a mountain on a brisk morning. Now is the time to pack up your thermal socks, ski goggles, and stocking caps to bundle up and embrace the whitest and coldest time of the year. Canyon Services’ Utah vacation rentals will soon become mountainside winter basecamps, and we invite you to join in the excitement! From snowmobiling to relaxing and everything in between, the Utah winter awaits you.

3 Ideas for a Utah Winter Getaway in Alta-Snowbird

The surplus of serenity one may find is possibly the most remarkable aspect of a Utah winter getaway. Visitors from Salt Lake City and beyond make Alta-Snowbird their preferred winter vacation spot for a good reason! Although the region will have plenty of visitors eager to carve through some of the deepest snow in the country, you’ll still find solitude when you want it. What’s more, Canyon Services has a wide range of conveniences, ranging from transportation to grocery pick-up, so knowing the little things are taken care of will give you peace of mind. To help give you some ideas on how to enjoy the Wasatch Mountains, we came up with three ways to spend your Utah winter getaway in Alta-Snowbird.

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Arguably, the most popular reason to visit Alta-Snowbird in winter is the tremendous snowboarding and skiing opportunities thanks to some of the nation’s most massive snowfalls. Snowboarding and skiing in Utah are so prevalent that we have resort shuttles available throughout the day during peak season. Furthermore, we have an exclusive partnership with AJ Motion Sports, which provides guests with equipment and clothing rental discounts.


Snowbird Resort offers snowshoeing tours for those who desire a more casual way to play in the winter wonderland. What better way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains than by taking them in one step at a time? Guided group tours are available via registration, and all levels of snowshoeing expertise are encouraged.

Digital Detox

The Wasatch Mountains’ iconic alpine landscapes create a serene environment that generously lends itself to digital detox. Recent studies have shown that excessive device use can cause increased depression and lead to chronic anxiety. Thankfully, the Alta-Snowbird ski area offers an astonishing array of scenic beauty characterized by snow-capped mountains and panoramic elegance. So, instead of cuddling up next to the fire with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, maybe an art project or a good book would be a more suitable option.

Utah Vacation Rentals near Salt Lake City

A Utah winter getaway could be the best way to maximize your enjoyment during the coldest time of the year. But, don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself by booking a Uta vacation rental with Canyon Services! For more information or to make your reservation, please visit us online or call 800-562-2888.