Welcome to ’71

It may feel like a summer of change with social restrictions and reduced opportunities but at Snowbird activities remain open for a bit longer and the weather continues to facilitate immersion in the mountains.

However, this month’s blog is about the great indoors, specifically The Cliff Lodge’s reinvented restaurant SeventyOne. Your correspondent had been meaning to stroll in and sample its board of fare for some time and Labor Day weekend provided just the opportunity.

The first thing you’ll notice, indeed is unavoidable, is the décor. Drawing on the restaurant’s name of SeventyOne, the year Snowbird opened for business, one can’t help but be transported in time to when fashion was outrageous and the music supreme (at least in this blogger’s opinion). Earth, Wind and Fire with a dose of Stevie Wonder accompany the entrees inside.

The update in menu was a timely change from the Mexican dishes offered up during the reign of El Chanate. Canyon Blog spoke with Ahmad, one of the managers. “It’s a step up from our old menu. There are more healthy options including vegetarian and vegan.” Your correspondent’s dining companions’ entree choices spanned the spectrum from jumbo fried shrimp, to the veggie sandwich and finally classic baked ziti mac ‘n’ cheese. The latter is one of the dish’s best versions available anywhere. Pair with a glass of Salt Flats lager on draft and it’ll set your spirit free, so to speak.

But it’s still the photos and posters in the re imagined space that really draw you into the theme. You can almost feel the skinny skis and I Ski sunglasses roaming the floor between 70’s diner seats. Says Ahmad, “I find myself giving tours of both restrooms to groups because everyone wants to see what’s in the other version.” Canyon Blog doesn’t want to spoil all the surprises but let’s just say the accompanying photo of the men’s room is guaranteed to be the only urinal photo to ever appear in this space.

The snow will be flying soon and the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting bumper snowfall. So when you come back again don’t forget to tie a bandana around your head and pack your Hotfingers gloves because it’s 1971 here at the Bird. Peace.