Big Changes at Alta

Alta continues to make changes to facilities and the slopes on schedule ahead of this year’s ski season. Canyon Blog met up with Alta Ski Lift General Manager Mike Maughan to see firsthand what the resort was getting up to over the summer.

Slopes first because, well, nothing’s more important than the actual skiing. At the bottom of the hill dirt was removed to smooth out the pitch on lower Sunnyside (leading to Albion Grill) so there isn’t a steep ridge for beginners to navigate.

At the top of Supreme the slope’s been graded to add a bit of speed coming off the lift as you make your way down Upper Big Dipper. The track is now also wider. Just walking the trail on an August morning, the difference is obvious and will make for a better experience for beginners and experts looking to drop into runs like No9 Express and Upper Sleepy Hollow.

The other big change long time skiers will notice are the additions to Alf’s restaurant. There is a significant extension to the west end, adding more seating and a commanding view of the Sugarloaf lift and runs in a stylish and timeless design. Elsewhere inside the ski shop now has a new space and more room to offer memories. You’ll be able to look inside from above as you walk in the new upper entrance on the east side. The former retail space is now additional seating. Given health measures necessary to keep everyone safe the addition will provide additional distancing for all. Finally, there’s a meeting room available for groups near the east end as well.  More mundane, but certainly welcome, is the widening of the east end of the Albion parking lot.

A lot will change this upcoming season in addition to improvements for obvious reasons. “We’re looking to provide the magic and beauty that people have come to expect from Alta. Food service will be different and we’re still assessing best and safest practices for employees and customers while containing virus exposure,” concludes Mike.

Your correspondent has no doubt the safety professionals and modifications on and off slope are going to make for a great year. Opening day announcement is still a bit away but stay tuned, the 2020/21 season is coming, and the promise of a new year is in the name.