The best of the off (ski) season is upon us. Hiking trails are open across both Alta and Snowbird terrain with wildflower blooms assaulting the senses without remorse, those cheeky buggers. The pristine feel of Utah’s premier alpine destination is everywhere in the canyon.

Canyon Blog has been covering both resorts as well as the north side of the canyon on foot and doing his journalistic best to capture the glory in amazing Android phone technicolor. Sadly, for readers of this space, Canyon Services retained your correspondent for his writing and not his photographic prowess. Aspiring Ansel Adams limitations aside, attached are a handful of shots featuring a number of local blossoms. Your correspondent’s favorite, the mountain columbine, is absent because on the separate occasions he captured them the shots turned out to be out of focus.

No matter. These shots more than compensate and show the mountain glory of summer. The weather continues its run of pleasant temperatures and favorable winds to enjoy time outdoors and safely away from the crowds. For those unaccustomed to strenuous uphill travel the Snowbird tram and Peruvian chairlift are running to give everyone views of a lifetime (using sound social distance practices).

Of note: our inventory of homes continue to rent far in advance of the 20/21 ski season. These self contained offerings allow for safe holiday merry making and ski vacations. So rent early to reserve your dream accommodation. Because rest assured, the mountains will be open and calling when the snow flurries return.

Till then, or until you can pop in for a summer visit, here are the best of your correspondent’s floral flavors. Enjoy and join us soon!