Well, the season has run its course in a most unanticipated way. With both resorts shuttered due to “viral considerations” Little Cottonwood Canyon has taken on something of a bygone era feel. Snowbird is closed to all up and downhill traffic and will remain that way until public safety can be assured. They expect to roar back for summer so stay tuned for updates.

Alta on the other hand, is open for all to enjoy safely and at a distance. It’s been strange to slap on the alpine touring skis and have the run of the resort and first tracks across a broad swath of mountain. Not bad, but strange. Here in Utah officials are still encouraging people to get out and exercise or enjoy and many have taken to dusting off back country gear. Canyon Blog, an avid skinner, was already on the case but just to be safe uses a 600 foot rule for personal space.

So, here for your safe enjoyment, are a few photos from around the canyon, and even into Mineral Basin from March and April. On a personal note, your correspondent has used this unprecedented early spring access to speedfly inside resort boundaries, something usually reserved for next month. Silver linings or rather, snowy ones, and all that.

Fly like a bird

May all of you enjoy a safe and pleasant spring wherever you are and from all of us thank you again for enjoying Canyon Services’ hospitality. We’ll see you back on the slopes and in one of our properties soon.