It’s still spring and there’s still snow (if you want it that is). Unbelievably, the mountains delivered another foot of fresh last week, thus extending the white just a little bit closer to summer’s official start. Your correspondent continues to make tracks here and there across Alta and Snowbird, the latter having opened uphill travel a few weeks ago.

Right now the mountain is the perfect mix of a little skiing here or there and trail hiking. It remains important to keep safe from a health standpoint and Canyon Services is here to help by providing private accommodations in the beauty that is Little Cottonwood Canyon. Our properties all come with kitchens and of course no shared facilities to keep friends and family isolated if you’re ready to get out of the house or apartment and step into a little nature.

On top of that, Snowbird has reopened its restaurants from fine dining to Tramcar Pizza (whether takeout or dine in) to augment home cooked goodness. Also, 71, their newest offering is officially dishing fare a la Americana as well. The tram is now open (except to mountain bikes) using reduced capacity for safety and the coasters and other activities are operating. The annual Beerfest was cancelled this month but Oktoberfest and other events, including military family appreciation, are moving ahead. So be sure to take a spin around Snowbird’s website.
Those activities make for great summer fun, but your correspondent prefers the solitude a bit more than the social events. So just to get you into the swing, attached are a few snaps from today with possibly his last ski tracks of the season and views of Albion Basin, Cecret Lake, and the perfect perch to sit and take in the view and listen to the mountain speak. But you have to be really quiet…
Please note: Canyon Services has modified its reservations and cancellations policies to help you get here and enjoy. Please stay safe and we hope to see you soon!