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Something Old, Something New; Something Broken, Something Blue

As the saying goes… The new tram cars have arrived at Snowbird. New Red Arrives! In late May, after traveling all the way from Olten, Switzerland by way of exotic Port of Houston, both cars were on hand and waiting to be swapped out. Unfortunately, on May 29th amidst a dusting of late season snow there was an incident and “New Red” was damaged during the first car swap, permanently removing it from transporting happy skiers to the top of Hidden Peak. Old Blue sitting above New Blue Canyon Blog sat down with Snowbird general manager [...]

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Porcupine Pine Party

This month Canyon Blog thought he’d touch (gently for reasons soon to be obvious) on one of his favorite and most overlooked Little Cottonwood residents, the porcupine. The idea occurred to him last week while skinning up Albion basin between the summer road and Catherine’s area on a sunny and uncrowded day. Minding his own business and generally enjoying the quiet mountain solitude your correspondent stumbled into the forest havoc remnants of erethizon dorsatum (the scientific name for the north American version). As you can see, when a porcupine decides it’s time to party pine style, they mean business. What [...]

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No Boundaries at Snowbird

If you ski Snowbird regularly you’ve seen the distinctive adaptive equipment used by Wasatch Adaptive Sports (WAS) and their clients. These often take the form of mono skis, bi-skis or cart skis. You’ll recognize WAS instructors and volunteers by their distinctive black logo jackets and sunny dispositions as they help others experience the mountain in a way many of us take for granted. Ricardo tearing up Mineral Basin This week your correspondent was fortunate enough to spend time with a new group as they came to Snowbird for the first time. Ricardo is a veteran of Afghanistan and [...]


Interlodge: A History

Ever wonder what Interlodge actually means? Wonder no more. This month’s blog is dedicated to providing answers to all your questions and to help you not only weather that term’s storms but to enjoy your mountain experience to the utmost should you find yourself a part of the Little Cottonwood Canyon experience known as Interlodge. What the term means: It actually refers to the limit placed on residents and guests when inside  town limits (or Snowbird properties) with regard to traveling between lodges, homes and resorts. In other words, you cannot travel between them. The word inter literally means between. [...]

We Missed You!

Well, the first holiday of the year came and went. And you know what didn’t come with it? People. Canyon Blog ventured out onto the slopes of Snowbird and Alta to gauge the holiday crowds and take an unscientific barometric reading of just how many folks were in town or up from downtown on Sunday and Monday. The great news is Alta’s parking system seems to be working and a bit less traffic is in the canyon. Nice to know, but it doesn’t really affect you because you’ll be luxuriating après ski style in one of our properties. Your correspondent [...]

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Welcome 2022!

The holidays have ended, and with them the crowds that converged in Little Cottonwood. Venturing out after self-imposed exile, because he’s writing another book, Canyon Blog emerged into the sunlight on January 3rd to check conditions at Snowbird. He’s happy to report (and share photos) that there were zero lift lines to be found anywhere in the resort. Even the tram had no waiting for those interested in walking onto the first appearing car. Do note that Snowbird still requires double layer face coverings to ride the tram and also anywhere indoors or dining. However, on the chairs you can [...]

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Come and Join the “Un” Crowd

Your faithful correspondent took it upon himself to brave the slopes on your behalf and determine the crowd conditions now that it’s December and there is already nearly 90 inches of snowfall. Despite the grave risks of having to talk to other people, he’s happy to report that, well, there aren’t any. Crowds that is. Friday morning and lunch time saw no more than a handful of people in Alfs and at the west end where the new expansion provides panoramic views of East Greeley and Sugarloaf lift there were no people at all as you can see. Ah, undisturbed [...]


Snow Fences and Avalanches

The season is clearly already upon us. Alta has already recorded 69” of snow fall and for a time the past week the base was 40”. What’s that mean? You know what it means. It's time to book an awesome Canyon Services rental and come stay in comfort, enjoy the spectacular views, and start this skiing season off right. In preparation for this year’s downhill sliding pleasure and safety Alta has made additional improvements to the mountain. This time in the form of snow fencing and more Wyssen (pronounced “Wee-sen”) exploders. Canyon Blog sat down with Alta safety director and [...]

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Shroomin’ with ACE

Canyon Blog was afforded the wonderfully informative opportunity to accompany Sara Gibbs, Alta Community Enrichment director extraordinaire, on a journey into the world of Wasatch mushrooming. The first thing your correspondent learned is that it isn’t actually mushrooming, rather something she referred to as “munting,” which was apparently German in origin but escaped this writer’s ability to track down, so we’ll just have to take that on faith. Before “digging in” to mycology a few words on Sara and ACE. ACE is Alta’s version of an arts institute and focuses on bringing culture, art and education to the town and [...]

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A Most Unusual Spring

Well, the season has run its course in a most unanticipated way. With both resorts shuttered due to “viral considerations” Little Cottonwood Canyon has taken on something of a bygone era feel. Snowbird is closed to all up and downhill traffic and will remain that way until public safety can be assured. They expect to roar back for summer so stay tuned for updates. Alta on the other hand, is open for all to enjoy safely and at a distance. It’s been strange to slap on the alpine touring skis and have the run of the resort and first tracks [...]