View of sign telling hikers to stay on the trail, a great way to recreate responsibly!

Utah is home to a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes, from snowcapped mountains to lush meadows and tranquil lakes. We love sharing our state’s natural beauty and ask that all visitors recreate responsibly to help us preserve these spaces for generations to come! Stay with Canyon Services and help us reduce the impacts of tourism in Little Cottonwood Canyon by staying on trails, respecting wildlife, and leaving no trace of your travels!

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Planning ahead for your adventures in Little Cottonwood Canyon is a great way to ensure you recreate responsibly. Set goals for your trip and take time to learn about the rules and regulations of the places you plan to visit!

Stay on Designated Trails

Stay on designated trails as you explore Albion Basin and surrounding nature areas! By straying off the designated paths, we risk trampling on sensitive vegetation, disturbing wildlife, and damaging the overall balance of the ecosystem. Don’t forget to read and respect all trail signs during your travels.

Don’t Pick Wildflowers

We know how tempting it is to reach out and pick the colorful wildflowers that blossom in the Albion Basin, but picking wildflowers disrupts the natural reproductive cycle. Picking wildflowers also removes a natural food source and shelter for many birds and insects. This doesn’t just apply to wildflowers; please leave other plants, natural objects, and rocks precisely how you found them. 

Respect Wildlife

The Albion Basin is teeming with wildlife like moose, birds, coyotes, and deer. If you are on the trails and encounter wildlife, it’s essential that you observe from a safe distance and never feed the wildlife. Other things to keep in mind are maintaining reasonable noise levels, respecting breeding season, and properly storing your food and trash. 

Help Protect Our Watershed

The Little Cottonwood Canyon watershed provides drinking water for the Salt Lake Valley, so additional regulations are in place to help keep our water clean! We ask that you not swim or drink from Alta’s lakes and streams and keep backcountry campsites 200 feet from the water. 

Respect Others

Be respectful and considerate of other people on the trails. Keep in mind that hikers yield to uphill traffic, and bikers should always yield to hikers. We all have different ways of exploring the outdoors, be mindful and courteous of the people around you so we can all enjoy our natural surroundings equally!

Visit Utah Responsibly this Summer

Join us this summer in Little Cottonwood Canyon and recreate responsibly during your exploration. Choose Canyon Services to host your getaway in Alta Snowbird and unlock endless adventures right out your front door. Browse our Alta Snowbird vacation rentals and book your Utah getaway today!